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General Info 11:54AM Friday 5 January, 2024

The Marlborough District Council has adopted the New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code (the Code) and applies the principles described within the code to marine operations on the region’s waters.

The movement of vessels within the Marlborough Harbour is subject to control and direction by the Harbourmaster. The Direction sets a number of control measures that are applicable across the region, or a specific area or operation, to enable the adequate implementation of the code.

The purpose of the Direction below is to enhance the regulatory framework in place in Marlborough to ensure maritime safety. However, the Harbourmaster acknowledges that a number of matters contained in the Direction may be more appropriately regulated through Bylaws. As such, all matters contained in the Direction will be proposed as Bylaws during the next Navigation Bylaw review.

Go to the full Harbourmaster's direction on the Marlborough District Council website