The Marlborough Cruise Guide

The Cruise Guide to the Marlborough Sounds is an interactive app and website showing marinas, anchorages, boat ramps, moorings, facilities, and other local information and images. Information is presented in map format, and includes satellite images and nautical charts.

The Cruise Guide stands out from traditional guide books because of its ability to incorporate user feedback, which is moderated by local experts and added to the knowledge base. This means the Cruise Guide's information will remain current, offering the type of information cruisers want, and can trust.

As you explore the bays of the Cruise Guide you will see the feedback form is available for you to provide location-based information. We welcome this feedback - reviews by cruisers help fellow boaties determine when to pull in, when to pass by, and when to use an anchorage.


The Cruise Guide is intended to be a general guide providing helpful information for boaties and visitors to the Marlborough Sounds. It is not intended for navigational use. Always navigate by reference to a current navigational chart or map.

(Refer also to the Terms and Conditions page for further information about the use of The Cruise Guide and this website.)

The Marlborough Sounds

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Queen Charlotte Sound

Queen Charlotte Sound (Tōtaranui in Māori) is the easternmost sound of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand’s South Island. It is a drowned river valley (or ria) just like its neighbours and also runs south-west to north-east before joining up...

Keneperu Sound

Keneperu Sound is the shallowest and smallest of the Marlborough Sounds in the South Island of New Zealand. In Māori, one of the meanings of ‘keneperu’ is silt and which can be seen two thirds of the way out of shore. Renowned for its aqua...

Pelorus Sound

With a shoreline of 380km, Pelorus Sound is the largest of the sounds which make up the Marlborough Sounds at the northern area of the South Island, New Zealand. It was so named after the nautical instrument used on sailing...

Outer Sounds

This stretch of water is naturally exposed to all winds and can represent quite a hurdle to boat users due to its proximity to the Cook Strait, which is infamous for its strong currents and rough waters, especially when the...