Waste & Rubbish

In order to continue our enjoyment of the great outdoors, we need to protect and care for our natural environment and recreational facilities. No-one likes to see rubbish in the Marlborough Sounds; either on the land or in the water.

The Department of Conservation operates a "pack it in, pack it out" policy in the Marlborough Sounds. Rubbish removal is the responsibility of the visitor. Please use the rubbish facilities listed on these pages whenever you have waste to get rid of. It also helps to think about what you really need to take with you on your boating outing.

Take rubbish bags with you and clean any disposable containers in your dish-wash water before placing them in the bag. This helps reduce odours, which may mean fewer trips to rubbish disposal facilities.                  

Recycling facilities are much easier to find in large urban centres, so transfer food items into reusable containers and leave the cardboard boxes, tin cans and plastic bags in your household recycling bins, or take them to the recycling facilities at transfer stations.

Lastly, if you come across someone else's rubbish, be part of the rubbish solution by picking it up and putting it in your rubbish bag for disposal at one of Marlborough's port or council facilities.