Marine Farming Association

The Marine Farming Association is a subscription based organisation that represents marine farmers in the top of the South Island of New Zealand.
The association's objective is to promote, foster, advance, encourage, aid and develop the rights and interests of its members and the marine farming industry in general.

Farmers in this area of New Zealand grow approximately 80% of the marine products farmed in New Zealand. The major species include Greenshell mussels and king salmon. Other species include seaweeds, pacific oysters and paua (abalone). Sales from these farms exceed $200 million per year.

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When you’re navigating near mussel farms you need to know the following:

• Always keep a good lookout.

• Never exceed 5 knots when navigating around mussel farms.

• Avoid entering mussel farms at night.

• Orange floats mark the ends of each mussel line.

• At night, mussel farms are marked with yellow flashing lights. The light sequence is a group of 5 flashes every 20 seconds. Fl (5) 20s

You are welcome to use marine farms for fishing however please follow these safety tips:

• Do not tie ropes to mussel floats. Rather, loop a rope through the float handle and back to your vessel so you can release quickly and easily

• Never tie to a navigational light fixed to a buoy

• Do not anchor in the mussel farm

• Never discharge sewage near a marine farm

• Always keep a safe distance from vessels servicing or harvesting mussel farms