Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use the club moorings shown on the Cruise Guide Map?

If you wish to use the moorings shown as Club moorings shown on the map in this guide, you must first join one of the three boating clubs:

  1. Waikawa Boating Club,
  2. Pelorus Boating Club or
  3. Mana Cruising Club. 

Information about these Clubs and membership are found on the following websites: 

  1. www.waikawaboatingclub.co.nz
  2. www.pelorusboatingclub.com
  3. www.manacc.co.nz


How long will it take to get from Wellington to Picton?

Approximately 3.5 hours by ferry and approximately 9 hours by yacht.


Where can I find public toilets in Picton and Waikawa Marina?

There are a number of toilet facilities both in Picton and Waikawa Marinas. These can be found by switching on the facilities layer on the map. For further information click the marker to see links to the Marlborough District Council's website.


How do I find out what the weather and tides will be like for the day(s) I plan on visiting the Sounds?

The tides widget underneath the map on each Bay page is based on physical and virtual tidal stations provided by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). All tides are based on Picton and are shown underneath the map on each Bay page. These show both the low and high tides for any date in the past, present or future.

Weather forecasts can be found for the entire Marlborough Sounds on several websites.

Are there facilities such as toilets, electricity, and restaurants in Picton?

Yes, Picton Marina, Waikawa Marina and Havelock Marina all have excellent facilities.

To explore facilities in the Sounds go to the Map Settings and toggle on the ‘Facilities’ layer.

Visit the Marlborough Marinas website for further detail. 

Can I use the Cruise Guide on my smartphone without an internet connection?

Yes, the majority of features are available offline. However, in order for the map to work offline, you will need to download the offline base map when the app is open and connected to the internet.


What do I do if I find information in the Cruise Guide that I think could be improved?

Go to the main page of the Bay for which you think the information could be improved. Then scroll down and click “Submit Bay Feedback” underneath the map to describe the issue. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be attended to as soon as possible.


Do I have to pay for the app?

No, both the Android and iOS app are completely free. The mobile phone app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Do I need a user account to access the Cruise Guide?

No user accounts are required to use the app or the website. Simply download and start using it. It is completely free to access by anyone, anywhere.