Whatamango Bay

This bay with its high hills and areas of pine trees has a foreboding sombre appearance especially in bad weather.

The head of the bay is very shallow and a good distance should be kept from the southern coast to avoid rocks and sand banks.

The bay is of little use as an anchorage as it is open to all winds.

In NW to NE conditions shelter can be found for a limited number of boats in the bay indicated on the eastern side preferably with a stern line and the boat pulled into the small cove by Tuna Point.

Strong NW winds tend to curve into this bay. It is quite shallow at the end of this bay. There is also a DOC campground here.

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Open to all winds
Deep (>10m) | Mid (5-10m)
Local knowledge
Locally known as What - a - mongrel Bay due to its exposure to all winds
Greater than 20