Waikawa Bay (Queen Charlotte Sound)

The bay is connected by road to Picton and contains a large number of moored boats. There is a boat yard at the southern end of the bay with a slipway and wharf. There is sufficient depth of water for most boats at the seaward ends of these wharves but they are shallow towards the shore. A trailer boat launching ramp is located in the SE corner.

In the south-western end of the bay is a marina operated by Port Marlborough. It provides over 600 berths all with power and water. Toilets and adequate parking are available. Showers are available in the Waikawa Boating Club premises. There are chandlery, sail maker, dive shop, boat sales and charter companies, restaurants, marine repair shops, travel lift and trailer boat launching ramp adjacent to the marina.

The bay is open to most winds but only N and NW winds send a sea into the head of the bay. The large number of moored boats makes it difficult to anchor in a reasonable depth out of the wind.

Beeches Bay on the south-east shore is generally a more peaceful anchorage but is open to W to NW winds. There are boats moored in the bay but small vessels can usually find somewhere to anchor.

The rock shown off The Snout is about two metres below the surface and is 10 to 15 metres from the shore.

There are two 5 knot speed buoys located on the East side of the Bay just outside the moorings. 

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Mid (5-10m) | Deep (>10m)
Power, water, toilets, showers, sail maker, dairy, Jolly Roger and Waikawa Boating club restaurants, parking & marine repairs and supplies stores.
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