Tawa Bay (Endeavour Inlet)

In Tawa Bay the only all-weather place to anchor is in the cove at the extreme northern end.

There is room for only four or five boats, with one combined club mooring.

A stern line should be used and the boat pulled back as close to the steeply shoaling north-western shore as draft will allow. 

Do not go too near to the beach across the head of the bay as it is shallow.

The remaining small coves on the western side of Tawa Bay are sheltered if a stern line is used and the boat pulled close to the shore.

These coves should only be used in W to N to NW winds.

The holding can be difficult and it is wise to ensure that the anchor is well dug in.

Can be pleasant
Shallow (<5m) | Deep (>10m)
Type of beach
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Do not go too near to the beach across the head of the bay as it is shallow
5 or less | This refers to mooring #232. This mooring is to the west of Clubs’ mooring #20 and is tucked into a small cove. It is less affected by strong winds from the north or northwest than mooring #20. It is exposed to southerlies and is currently limited to one boat at a time of maximum boat length 13.5m.
Other information
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