Matapara/Pickersgill Island

There are a few beaches on the island which offer limited shelter only. The area is exposed to most winds but the southern coast has some good picnic spots which are well sheltered from wind and sea in NW to N to E.

A dangerous reef extends 300 meters from the north-western end of the island. The end of the reef is marked by an unlit red buoy.

The outer rock is marked by the buoy and marks Pickersgill Island. When both of the Twins are open on the western side of Clark Point you are just clear of the reef.

At night, once clear of the Patten Passage reef, steer NNW until the Motuara Island light is visible. This will lead one well clear of the reef off Pickersgill Island.

The passage between Pickersgill and Arapawa Island is deep but has rocks about ten meters out form the shore on both sides. 

Exposed to most winds
Deep (>10m)
Great picnic spots
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Reef extends 300 metres from the north-western end of the island
5 or less