Lochmara Bay

There are a large number of permanent and holiday homes in this bay. It is generally impractical to anchor with a stern line ashore. However, the three arms at the head of the bay all give good shelter and good holding so that swinging to one or two anchors is safe and practical.

The coves on the west side of the entrance to the bay offers some shelter in SW and S winds but otherwise are a little too open to be of any use in anything other than calm conditions. They also collect wash from ferries and the many other passing boats in Queen Charlotte Sound.

This bay is an extremely high traffic area with recreational boaties towing water skiers, biscuits etc. and people visiting Lochmara Lodge.  Caution is required. There are 5 knot speed buoys with lights located on the western side of Lochmara.


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Very Popular
Safe on the west side of the entrance to the bay
Deep (>10m)
Type of beach
Sandy at Lochmara Lodge
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
High amount of traffic
Local knowledge
One can feed stingrays at Lochmara bay, The many moorings make it an appealing location to visit over summer
Greater than 20