Kaipakirikiri Bay (Western Arm of Double Bay)

This and Kumutoto (the rest of Double Bay) are a scenic reserve administered by the Department of Conservation. The beach consists of small golden shingle with some sand at LW. Most of the beach is covered at HW.

Kaipakirikiri is the quieter alternative to Kumutoto in the summer months. The bay is good holding and shelter in SW to W but is open to SW to S winds. In strong N sector winds it can be gusty at the head of the bay off the beach and it is quieter to anchor to the western side, with a stern line to the bank. Alternatively the cove on the west side of the bay can be a good anchorage. There is a rock in the north end of this cove near the shore.

Ski lanes can be found at the northern tip of the bay. There are 2 Combined Clubs and a CharterLink club mooring in this bay.

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Good, but exposed in SE winds
Good in SW to W
Shallow (<5m) | Mid (5-10m) | Deep (>10m)
Type of beach
Sand | Shingle
Water Skiing at the Northern tip in the designated ski lane
5 or less | Mooring #233 lies on the West side of Kaipakirikiri Bay. Immediately to the south of Clubs’ mooring #12. During the day it can be exposed to water skiing and is can also be affected by ferry wake. It is Sheltered in northwest and southerly winds and is currently limited to one boat at a time of maximum boat length 13.5m