East Bay (Outer Queen Charlotte Sound)

This very large bay is exposed to all winds and provides no really well-sheltered anchorages. There are parts on the weather shores that provide calm water but these are mostly open to the wind.

Onauku Bay ends in a shallow sandy beach with good farm land and extensive flat areas in a large valley. This valley causes the area to act as a wind funnel for all wind directions.The north-west side of the bay offers some shelter in NW winds with reasonable holding.

Near the entrance of Onauku Bay is Ngakuta Bay. This bay extends to the north-west and because of this tends to act as a wind funnel. It is however excellent holding with the bottom of the se being level and thus ensuring that anchors do not drag. The bay is a satisfactory anchorage in all winds but SE winds. Holding is mud and shell.

The bay between Onario Point and Clark Point is shallow close to shore and has a rock about 80 metres out form the shore, 350 metres north-east of Clark Point. There is moderate shelter here in NW to N winds. Clark Point should be given a clearance of 20 metres.

Long Island is both marine and land resource with an exclusion zone surrounding Island of ΒΌ of a mile in which no removal of marine life can be taken.

Can be pleasant
Exposed to all winds (No well sheltered anchorages)
(Deep >10m)
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
The reef that runs between the North end of Long island and Kokomohua Island is dangerous to transit through unless one has knowledge of area.
5 or less