Double Cove

The whole of the Double Cove is a prohibited fishing area. There are tame fish, fed regularly, in the cove between the two main arms. The penalties for fishing for these are very high.

The eastern arm of this cove has been used as an anchorage for many years. It is safe in all-weather as little wind reaches the cove.

There are a large number of moorings along the western shore but it is usually possible to find an anchorage here with a line ashore.

There is a combined club mooring at the head of the cove, but users must always use the stern line provided to prevent swinging too close to the western jetty.

It is deep to the edge of the bank.

The western arm of this cove is more open and sunnier and as a result a little more exposed. This arm of Double Cove should not be used in southerly winds.

A power cable can be found running through this bay, with white triangles on land mark it.

There is a small sand beach, a number of private moorings, and reasonable holding.

There are two 5 knot speed buoys located in Double Cove and one at the entrance on the eastern side.

The Koi wreck is a popular diving location that lies within the no fish area.

Deep (>10m) | Mid (5-10m)
Type of beach
Greater than 20