Cooper's (Papatoia)

This name is locally applied to the bay on the south side of Cooper Point. There are rocks in the bay as well as rocks of Cooper and Kotukutuku Point. This latter point should be given a clearance of 150 metres.

The bay gives shelter in N to S winds and limited shelter in moderate NW winds, if anchored in the extreme north-eastern end of the bay.

There is a combined club mooring here and it is suitable for only two or three boasts at most. The bay tends to be gusty in strong conditions and collects a swell form the open sea.

If anchored, it can be preferable not to put a stern line ashore and thus allow the boat to move and ease tension on the anchor cable during gusts.

Yachts using the passage between Cooper Point and Long Island in SE to S winds should stay to the Long Island side where the wind is steadier in force and direction. 

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Gusty in strong winds
Deep (>10m)
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
5 or less | Mooring #2674 is lies on the West coast of Arapawa Island. North of Clubs’ mooring #5. It is better in southerly rather than northerly quarter winds. The mooring is currently limited to one boat at a time of maximum boat length 13.5m.