Blumine Island (Oruawairua)

This large island stands in the middle of Queen Charlotte Sound seemingly guarding it from the outer sea. The island is 295 meters high and two point three miles long from northern to southern tip. There are several shingle beaches around the whole coast and it is usually possible to find pleasant picnic spots on the leeward shores.

The two northern points of the island have outlying rocks and weed beds that should be given a good clearance.

There are sunken rocks extending from the shores on both sides of Patten Passage.

The reef on the northern side extends a considerable distance from the shore like a staircase down below the surface and can be a danger to boats up to 150 meters from shore.

If travelling north-east through the passage it is safest to continue on that heading until able to see most of Resolution Bay clearly past the northern end of Blumine Island before turning to the north. There is a tidal flow through the passage of up to one knot. This flows north-east until one and a half hours before HW Picton, then south-west until four hours after HW Picton.

The shoal (sandbar) extending 500 meters form the southern end of the island has sufficient depth over it for cruising boats.

The bays on the western and northern side of the island give shelter in SE winds but the holding tends to be difficult and it is very deep.

The bays on the south-east shore leading to Patten Passage give good shelter in W to NE winds. A stern line is essential because of the steeply shelving shore and to keep the boat out of wind gusts.

In SW to W winds the largest of these bays still gives shelter but the sea is pushed into it from the open sound.

The anchorage shown on the north-west side of Blumine Island is suitable for winds from N to E. There is also shelter here from NW winds but these tend to curve into the bay with a small chop. Caution should be exercised if the bay is used in anything more than moderate NW conditions. 

Deep (>10m)
Type of beach