Blackwood Bay or Tahuahua Bay

This bay collects a lot of the wash from ferries and is open to most winds.

N sector winds in particular NW blow with some force off the land, making anchorage unpleasant. SE and S winds blow straight into the bay and can build up large swell. The two anchorages shown on the western side are satisfactory in SW to S to NW winds, with the most southerly bay being best in SW conditions. The wind tends to be variable in direction in these bays and a boat will move around her anchor a lot. The holding is good.

On the eastern side of the bay the anchorage shown should be used only in SE to S conditions.

North of Tunoamai Point the bay is very exposed and recommended only in settled conditions.

There are numerous jetties and moorings however there are no club moorings.


Exposed to most winds
Shallow (<5m) | Mid (5-10m) | Deep (5-10m)
Type of beach
Sand | Mud
Between 5 and 20