Bay of Many Coves (Miritu Bay)

One of the larger bays of Inner Queen Charlotte; it is located north across the Sound from Tory Channel. The entrance is between Bull (East) Head and Snake Point and both should be given a wide berth as there are rocks off each point. The reef from Snake Point in particular extends a considerable distance below the surface and the point should be given a clearance of 150-200 metres. S winds funnel out of Tory Channel and blow straight across into Bay of Many Coves. In S gale conditions a large sea can build up in Bay of Many Coves. There is a South Cardinal mark with a light at the northern entrance and marks the reef here.

There is a backcountry DOC campsite along the Bay Many Coves section of the Queen Charlotte Track, more information can be found here.

Deep (>10m)
Greater than 20