Waihinau (Bulwer) Bay

The entrance to this bay is covered by an area on foul ground, extending three fifths of a mile due south from Danger Point and terminating in Keep Clear Rock.

This rock is about two metres below the surface, at LW, and is marked by a starboard lateral mark.

The mark is unlit and this area should be given a wide berth at night. 

There is four metres of water over the area of foul ground between the rock and Danger Point.

There is excellent anchorage, sheltered from all N sector winds, as indicated on the sketch to the east of the old Bulwer settlement. 

A stern line can be used or, alternatively, boats will find it quite satisfactory to swing to an anchor. 

There is mooring, jointly owned by the Pelorus Boating Club and Mana Cruising Club, laid here. 

In storm force W conditions a small chop comes into the bay from the south-east, with some back-eddies of wind, but this anchorage misses the force of NW winds.  The anchorage is open to winds from SE to S.

South of the old Bulwer settlement, there is a wharf which has sufficient depth at the seaward end at LW.

Anchorage here is satisfactory in SW to NW conditions, but can be a little gusty in strong conditions.  This area is open to NE to S winds.



Camp Bay is sheltered from SE to SW winds. 

The bay is extremely deep, but is good holding. 

It is possible to put a stern line ashore and this bay is a good place to wait for bad southerly weather to pass if you wish to be near the entrance of Pelorus Sound.