Tira-Ora Lodge

The Tira-Ora Eco-State is a nature & wildlife sanctuary and is the home to many native birds, exotic animals, lush forests, organic gardens, rushing rivers, cascading waterfalls, mighty mountains and a private swimming and fishing bay.

The bay is very attractive and the lodge has both water and stores.

In NW conditions the hills behind the bay accelerate the winds, which then rushes down the slopes and out over the bay with considerable force. This unfortunately makes the bay of little use as an anchorage in W to N winds.

Because the bay lies open to the south-east, it is also of little use as an anchorage in S sector winds. The south-western end of the bay gives some shelter from SW to SW sea conditions, but the wind tends to gust down the hills.

Exposed to most winds
Deep (>10m) | Mid (5-10) | Shallow (<5m) at the head of the bay
5 or less