Richmond Bay

The land surrounding the bay is farmed and consists of hills nearly 600 metres in height.  The bay is completely open to W to NW winds. 

The bays on the southern side and the head of the bay give calm water and good shelter in S sector winds only. 

The small cove on the northern side of the bay is suitable only for N to NE winds. There are no outlying dangers in the bay, except for The Reef  at the southern entrance.

The Pohuenui homestead is now a guest house and is at the eastern end of the bay. 

Fresh water is available from the large wharf.  Check the depth, however, before using the wharf at LW.

Exposed to W and NW winds | Sheltered in S winds on the southern side and head of the bay | Suitable in N to NE winds
Deep (>10m)
5 or less