Ngawhakawhiti Bay South

This is a very pretty bay and has been a popular anchorage for many years. It can be a windy spot in bad weather but holding is good. There are several anchorages in this bay and options seem to vary as to the best place.

Generally calmest conditions will be found in the northern end of the bay in Ngawhakawhiti North, in all N sector winds. There is a small beach there and the shore shelves gently. Whenever anchoring in this bay care should be exercised to be sure that the boat is not pulled too close to the shore with the stern line, which will be necessary in strong conditions.

In NE to SE conditions, the two bays on the eastern side in Ngawhakawhiti North, give excellent shelter and good holding. They are both open to other winds. There is no pleasant shelter in S-SW winds. The cove to the north of the island peninsula separating Ngawhakawhiti North from South probably has the least sea in S to SW conditions but it is partially open to the wind.

At the southern end of Ngawhakawhiti South, there is an attractive beach and that which provides good, clean, fresh water and also a convenient place for a shower or wash. This end of the bay, however, is satisfactory as an anchorage only in southerly conditions. 

Can be pleasant
Sheltered ins S sector winds
Deep (>10m) | Mid (5-10m) | varies (<5m) around the edges of the bay
Type of beach
Rocky | Gravel
Diving | Swimming | Fishing
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Other information
Entry point to the Nydia Bay walking track lies in this bay