Elaine Bay

This bay is open to all winds and is not a satisfactory anchorage in bad conditions.

The wind tends to funnel over from the Croisilles and blows with some force out of the bay in NW conditions. The opposite happens in SE conditions.

There is road access to the bay and a large number of homes and holiday houses.

The head of the bay is shallow and has a sandy beach. Fuel and water are available from the public jetty.

To the north of Elaine Bay are two all-weather anchorages, tucked into small coves on the southern side of Brown’s Bay.

The inner cove provides best shelter and in both positions stern lines are necessary to pull the boat into the coves and out of the wind streams.

There is room in each cove for only two boats of about 9 metres in length.

The head of the bay is shallow.

Further to the north-east the anchorage shown is satisfactory for moderate NW to NE winds.

There are numerous private moorings in the bay.

Extremely popular
Can be pleasant
Exposed to all winds especially from NW and SE whereby the bay acts as a funnel | Some shelter can be found at certain locations in the bay
Deep (<10m) | Mid (5-10m) | Shallow (<5m)
Type of beach
Rocky | Gravel
Diving | Swimming | Fishing
Greater than 20