Dillon Bell Point

This area of Pelorus Sound is a scenic reserve and contains a number of very attractive bays and anchorages.

The cove to the south of Jacobs Bay is a good sheltered anchorage and a very pleasant place in winds from S to W to NW.

A stern line is desirable and care must be exercised when anchoring to allow for the large tidal range.

On the immediate eastern side of Dillon Bell Point, there is a perfect anchorage for all but strong SE conditions. There is a semi-closed cove with deep water close to the shore.

A stern line is necessary and it is possible to anchor a large number of boats safely in this cove. The cove is only open to SW winds, but it is still possible to use as an anchorage, if in the extreme northern corner of the cove.

There is a walking track leading out of the cove to various parts of the scenic reserve. 

Sheltered from all but SE on the eastern side of Dillon Bell Point
Deep (>10m)