Port Gore

Te Anamahanga / Port Gore has had its official name changed to reflect recent Waitangi Treaty settlement agreements.

Additionally a rock near Onapopoia has also had its name changed to Te Ope-a-Kupe Rock

This large bay between Cape Jackson and Cape Lambert is about two and a half miles wide and five and a half miles deep.

The Pilot recommends anchorage for big ships about half a mile off Kaitangata Bay, in Melville Cove and in the south-east corner of the Port.

For the most part Port Gore is open to all winds and an uncomfortable place for cruising boats to anchor in bad weather.

In E to S winds there is shelter from the winds if close to shore in Waimatete Bay but the tide makes this an unpleasant place.

The south-east corner of the Port, recommended by the Pilot is good holding but seems to be open to all winds. 

In winds from the N semi-circle the northern end of Melville Cove gives most shelter from sea conditions.

There is a sandy beach here and the sea bed shoals slowly giving good holding. This bay is very gusty in strong conditions and it is advisable to anchor in the positions indicated.

The best anchorage in NW to N winds is the one on the western shore. A stern line is essential and the boat should be pulled as close to the shore as possible.

The southern end of Melville Cove is extremely gusty but gives sheltered water in S to W winds. In bad weather this is not a pleasant place to stay.

From Huia Point to Cape Lambert there are rocks fringing the shore with some off lying dangers. A clearance of 40 metres should be given. 



Type of beach
There is one small beach just around Cape Jackson approximately 1000 m into Port Gore. It is only small in size but is the only landing site until the head of Port Gore. Suitable for kayaks or small vessels in South or calm conditions, also the only place for a safe landing if needed.
Other information
The wreck of the Mikhail Lermontov is marked by buoys in the outer part of the bay. The wreck is of great interest for divers.