Pipi Bay

This nice little bay and beach provides shelter from NW and N winds at its eastern end, but the winds do tend to curve into the bay.
Pipi Bay has good holding but can be unpleasant in SE or Southerly winds. True to its name, the bay is a good spot to haul pipis off the beach.

There is a very scenic island at the head of the bay known as Horahora Kakahu Island. It is of historical significance regarding the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi by local Māori chieftains.

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Major Thomas Bunbury gathered signatures for the Treaty of Waitangi at Kākāpō Bay on 17 June, 1840. On the following day he raised the British flag at Horahora Kākahu, a pā on a peninsula facing Kākāpō Bay across Port Underwood, and proclaimed British sovereignty over the South Island. In this picture looking north into Port Underwood, Horahora Kākahu Island is at right in the middle distance, and Robertson Point is in the foreground.
Seldom used
Sheltered from N | NW and may give shelter in S |SE but not in stronger winds.
Mid (5-10m), gradually drops off.
Type of beach
Sand | Shelly | Gravel
Place name meaning
The bay got its name from the amount of pipis that could be hauled from digging in the sand on the beach.
Shipwreck around the way in Cutters Bay