Ngaruru Bay

The western side of Ngaruru Bay provides the best protection from a southerly wind. The entire bay is badly affected by a south easterly wind. In strong gusts there can be half a metre of wave going ashore. Northerly and westerly winds do not present a problem.

The moorings in the bay are both affected by ferry wash. The mooring nearest the shore on the western side is a private mooring. The combined club mooring is closer to the middle of the bay.

The bay is slowly silting up and becoming shallower; this is reflected in the soundings on the nautical charts. All of the bay presents difficulty with anchoring because of weed and one should take care to ensure the anchor is well dug in.

Ngaruru is a scenic reserve.

Good in most winds
Good if the anchor can penetrate the weeds
Shallow (,5m) | Mid (5-10m)
5 or less