Ngamuka Bay (Morrison's Cove)

The Pilot recommends this as suitable for temporary anchorage. The bay has good holding, is not affected by tidal streams and is sheltered from SW to NW winds. Sea breezes tend to curve into the bay. 


This bay is named in memory of Ngamuka Kāwharu.1

Ngamuka Kāwharu is a descendent of Kāwharu, the son of Koata, the ancestress of the iwi, Ngāti Koata.

Koata was born in approximately 1617 and it was through the union between her son, Kāwharu, and Waikauri of Toa that the whakapapa (genealogy) of Ngāti Koata begins.2

It is in this bay, in 1824, that Tutepourangi, the chief of Ngāti Kuia stood in his canoe and made a tuku (gift) of Rangitoto ki te Tonga / D’Urville Island to Ngāti Koata.3


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