Motuara Island

There is a Department of Conservation wharf in the centre of the western side of the island with four metres of water at LWS. It is an easy 20 minute walk to an historical cairn erected to commemorate Captain Cook’s taking possession of Queen Charlotte Sound.

The view from the lookout tower is worth the climb to the hilltop.

A large kelp bed and reef extends due north from the northernmost point of the island for about 750 metres and ends in a dangerous rock.

The south-eastern point of Motuara connects with Hippa Island on which the Motuara light is located. The bay on the western side of the light has a combined club mooring.

This bay is open to tide flows and surge. The area is unsuitable in S sector winds. 

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Deep (>10m)
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Reef and dangerous rock in the South East point from mooring. Dangerous Rocks also off North end of reef is marked with a North Cardinal and light.
5 or less