Jerdans Bay

Jerdans Bay is recommended in the Pilot as an anchorage, but only for cruising boats seeking shelter in winds from E to S.

Winds can change direction suddenly in this bay, but in light winds it is great for anchoring in: Good as gold in a light northerly and can be pleasant in a southerly. Strong winds don't offer appealing conditions for anchoring.

Overnight anchorage is suitable only in winds from E to S. Some shelter can also be found in N sector winds, but it can be unpleasant if it is strong.

There are marine farms on both sides of the bay and a few nice little beaches behind the farms.

Depending on the size of your boat, you can possibly find enough space for anchoring behind the farms. Note that a stern line is impractical in this instance.




This bay was named for the whaler Sam Jerden, Jerdan or Jurden.

A school operated in the bay.1


1. Loreen Brehaut, The Bays of Port Underwood (Picton: Picton Historical Society, 2012) 14.

Sheltered in E to S especially closer inshore.
Shallow (<5m) | Mid(5-10m)
Type of beach
Sand | Gravel
Swimming | Diving | Fishing
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Rocky headland to the West entry of the bay at bald head point.

5 or Less