Jerdans Bay

Jerdans Bay is recommended in the Pilot as an anchorage, but only for cruising boats seeking shelter in winds from E to S.

Winds can change direction suddenly in this bay, but in light winds it is great for anchoring in: Good as gold in a light northerly and can be pleasant in a southerly. Strong winds don't offer appealing conditions for anchoring.

Overnight anchorage is suitable only in winds from E to S. Some shelter can also be found in N sector winds, but it can be unpleasant if it is strong.

There are marine farms on both sides of the bay and a few nice little beaches behind the farms.

Depending on the size of your boat, you can possibly find enough space for anchoring behind the farms. Note that a stern line is impractical in this instance.




There was a house for sheep farmers here many years ago for the farm that extended all the way to the end of Robertson Point. There used to be around 1700 sheep and up to 50 cattle on this headland before it was replanted with pine trees.
Sheltered in E to S especially closer inshore.
Shallow (<5m) | Mid(5-10m)
Type of beach
Sand | Gravel
Swimming | Diving | Fishing
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Rocky headland to the West entry of the bay at bald head point.
5 or Less