Fighting Bay

As a result of recent Waitangi Treaty settlement this Bay has had its official name changed to a joint name - Oraumoa / Fighting Bay

Fighting Bay is the location of the main transmission station for the power lines that run through the Cook Strait.

This is a strict no anchoring zone but can be visited. No fishing is permitted in this bay.

At either side of the entrance to the bay are warning signs: Please read these and abide by the regulations.


"The place was so named because of the Māori naval action between the canoe fleets of Te Rauparaha and the southern chief Tuhawaiki, better known as 'Bloody Jack'" - Guards of the Sea. Te Rauparaha was saved by fog that descended upon Fighting Bay as he made his escape.
No Anchoring!
Deep (>10m)
Place name meaning
Named after a famous battle between two Māori chiefs.