Bird Island

Bird Island in the middle of Forsyth Bay is surrounded by a shelf of rock, extending out under the sea.  Although there are no particular outlying dangers, a clearance of at least 40 m should be given from the visible rocks.  Sugar Loaf Rocks to the south-west of Allan Strait extend nearly half a mile to the west from the land.  As all these rocks are unlit, considerable care should be taken when navigating in this area at night.  There is no clear passage between the Sugar Loaf Rocks, although there can appear to be at high water.

A boat yard and engineering repair shop is at Whakatahuri, in the south-east end of the bay.  There is some shelter from NW winds anchored close to the boat yard.  This area does, however, tend to be open to sea breezes and can be very gusty in S winds.  The south-east side of this bay is a better anchorage in S sector winds. The bay is good holding.