Anakoha Bay

This is recommended by the Pilot as a big ship anchorage.  The bay extends for three point five miles to the south-east and has a wharf on the western side about half a mile from the head of the bay.  Past this wharf the bay is very shallow. 

The main part of the is bay acts a wind tunnel but Te Puru Bay on the western side is sheltered from winds in all but strong N to SE conditions.  The bay has a depth of about six meters giving good holding in mud, without the need for effort with large quantities of anchor cable.  In strong NW to N conditions a roll that can be most uncomfortable is pushed in to the bay.  In moderate W to N winds the best shelter is near the moorings on the north-western side of the bay.  In SE to WSN conditions the best shelter is in the cove on the southern shore where it is possible to get a stern line ashore.  Generally  a stern line is unnecessary as there is plenty of room to swing an anchor.

Local knowledge
This Te Puru Bay can become very dangerous in heavy NW to N swell.