Tory Channel Entrance

The Eastern Tory Channel Entrance presents a number of hazards to the mariner, these include strong tidal streams, limited sea room and a blind corner. In summertime this area may be frequented by as many as twenty four fast moving ships in any given day. 

To manage the risk the area has been defined as a Critical Navigation Zone and specific radio practices must be followed:

1. Keep a close listening watch on VHF CH18 when in the vicinity of Tory Channel Entrance. 

2. Make an "All Ships" radio call on VHF CH18 at the reporting points indicated on Chart NZ 6153 or 10 minutes prior to passing East Head. 

3. Vessels navigating near Tory Channel Entrance must avoid impeding the passage of transiting vessels. 

All Ships Call Example.

All ships, all ships all ships. This is the vessel (name). The vessel (vessel name) is proceeding outbound from Tory Channel Entrance and has an ETA at East Head of (time). I repeat, the vessel (name)   proceeding outbound from Tory Channel Entrance and has an ETA at East Head of (time). Vessel (name) is standing by on channel one eight.