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Harbourmaster’s Direction 02-2024

General Info 4:40PM Friday 12 April, 2024

To ensure the safety of vessels involved with the piling and construction works along Waimahara Wharf an exclusion zone with the following conditions will be in effect.

1.  The person in charge of a vessel shall not allow the vessel to enter the Construction Zone depicted on the diagram attached.

2.  However (1) does not apply to:

a.  Vessels authorised by Port Marlborough; or
b.  Emergency response vessels.

Upon the grounds that:

Such direction is necessary for the purpose of ensuring navigation safety for the vessels involved with construction work, and other vessels navigating within the area.

Navigation warnings can be heard on VHF Ch. 18 and 63.

Yellow construction buoys will be place at the Northern and Southern ends of the zone along with a midway buoy.

Updates and harbour notices can be found on the Marlborough District Council website.

This exclusion zone is in effect from 0800 on the 15th April 2024 until the completion of works.

Drawing attention to the Navigation safety Bylaw, no person shall dive, jump, swim or undertake other related activities, from:

(a) The commercial jetties, wharves, or quays shown in Schedule 6 (of the bylaw).

Go to the full Harbourmaster's direction on the Marlborough District Council website