Whekenui Bay

Like Okukari Bay, this bay is exposed to surge from the open sea and is most uncomfortable in S conditions when the swell comes in from Cook Strait.

However, Whekenui is rather more sheltered from N winds. Both bays get the full force of the ferry wash.

During spring ebb tides, there is a strong counter current across the mouth of the bays that can be used to advantage.

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Can be pleasant in N winds | Exposed to ferry wash and S conditions
Shallow (<5m) | Mid (5-10m)
Place name meaning
Great octopus (Wheke being octopus and nui being large/great)
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Gun emplacement on headland between Whekenui and Fishermans Bay.
Local knowledge
Perano whaling station located at Fishermans Bay and run by DOC.
5 or less