Port Hardy

The entrance to the main part of the harbour is between Trafalgar Point and Victory Islets. There is deep water here and close to most points. A rock has been reported south-east of Nelson’s Monument (Kaitaore) and this area should be given a clearance of 100 m.

The area north of Victory (Moutiti) Islets is too open for anchorage except in calm weather or light winds from E to S. About one mile north-east of Victory Islets are Rakiura (Rakoura) Rocks.

The Pilot warns that the entrance to the harbour can be dangerous in heavy W to N conditions as the irregular sea bottom causes ocean swells to break and also causes tide eddies. The whole of the north-west coast of D’Urville can be uncomfortable in these conditions, but the entrance to Port Hardy is probably safer than Greville. It is recommended that all headlands be given a clearance of 100 m. The sketches have attempted to show reefs and rocks known to the authors.

There is a safe passage between the southern end of Fleet Rocks and D’Urville Island, although there can be some tide disturbance. A shelf of rock extends under the water across the passage, but has a clearance of over 4 m, except within 15 m of Fleet Rocks. There is no prudent passage between the individual rocks.

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