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Navigation Safety Bylaws Update

General Info 3:23PM Tuesday 27 March, 2018

The 2009 Navigation Safety Bylaws were reviewed in 2017 and found to be fit for purpose. However, it was proposed that the Bylaws could be simplified in two main ways;

1. The Bylaws could be written in plain English

2. The Bylaws could be reduced in size and simplified by removing all measures pertaining to ships and addressing these in Harbourmaster Directions

3. A draft Bylaw was circulated for consultation however at a late stage a robust legal opinion suggested that the Bylaws were the best mechanism for regulating ships. Accordingly the revised Bylaw was revoked. A new Braft bylaw is expected to be put forward for consultation in 2020.

This is timely as the new Bylaw will be able to take account of the new Marlborough Environment Plan and the proposed changes to ferries using Tory Channel and developments in Port Marlborough

The 2009 Bylaws can be viewed on the Council website here :